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  • How to contact me.

5 comments on “www.TerriMiller.com

  1. Terri
    I came a cross your web site while looking for images on Google of Dressage horses. I am contemplating painting a gray horse head and wanted to know what the latest bridle fad is in the Dressage world. I live about 50 miles from Devon PA, but haven’t been to the dressage show in a few years. A friend of mine, Ann Vashay did the poster for the show for several years.
    Any way I wanted to tell you how much I love your photos! I paint horses and other animals in a very realistic style using acrylics. Hope you will check out my web site. Take care, SC

  2. Hi Terri…. I hiked up Double Peak today. On my way down I came across your Red Diamond rattler. I had never seen a “red/orange” rattle snake before. Brown and black, yes. Red, no. I was amazed to see the black stripes on its tail. Very beautiful. I didn’t have the presence to take a picture… just wanted to get the heck out of there… after warning hikers behind me

    Great photo. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hello. We showed at Devon dressage 2017. I am wondering if tou took any photos of my Friesian Stallion Xenophon SMF

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