A Short Bio


I’m a photographer.

I’m an painter.

I specialize in images of the horse, with a focus on the even more highly specialized niche of dressage.

I’m married to an extraordinary man who is also an extraordinary judge and horseman.

I rode horses for years.

Now I ride interstates, airplanes and computer chairs.

But I still get to sneak a kiss to a horse nose here and there.

You can read my more detailed bio here.

9 comments on “A Short Bio

  1. Terri,
    congratulations for your blog. As usual an excellent good taste in all the details.
    Paulo de Tarso – from Brazil

  2. Hi Terri, Wonderful coverage and artwork. I enjoyed it, and all the while sitting comforatably in my studio and my belly fat. ( I think stress puts on belly fat, or is that old age?)
    Lisa McKnett Rancho Santa Fe CA

  3. Hi Terri!

    Good to see that you are still turning out fabulous art and photography + still as gorgeous as ever! The Iceland photos are spectacular!

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