4 comments on “Vancouver Island, Painting, and Planentary Alignment

  1. I spent a few days in the Vancouver (and Island) area about a quarter century ago–it was what the locals decided a very unusual time, in that they had had solid sunshine for over two weeks! The scenery was indeed visually overwhelming. I so appreciate your ability to do the plein air thing. I’ve tried on a few occasions with miserable results. Probably from not trying enough times! I love the simplicity of your paintings because I know the original settings had to have been much more complicated and you were able to distill them into the essentials to convey the beauty of the place. The ipad painting of the falls especially appeals to me!

    • Vancouver Island has so many paintable spots that my short trip barely scratched the surface! Painting with the iPad has been an interesting journey in itself: although you can approximate different physical media, like watercolors or pastel, it’s a completely unique form all its own.

  2. I loved reading and seeing the results of your trip to BC. Fabulous! You’ll be pleased to know that the sun is STILL shining and the forecast is for more sun for at least the following week. I scribed for Axel at Arbutus Meadows and enjoyed the 2 days spent in the judges box with him. Bonus was meeting you over lunch and watching you ‘paint’ on the iPad at the showgrounds.

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