5 comments on “Dancing in the Rain at Wiesbaden

  1. Wow, thank you for posting these amazing shots! It’s a reminder that our horses must learn to go in all conditions, as long as conditions are safe, and that getting wet isn’t an excuse to miss riding!

    I admit I was distracted from the rain by looking at the riders’ positions. We just had a Charles de Kunffy symposium here in Tucson, and he was insisting that riders sit VERY far behind the verticaly if they didn’t have the seat to be able to stick in the saddle without doing so, and it made a huge difference. He said that if you watch international riders each one has moments where they are behind the vertical, including the ones we think of as having amazing seats. Your shots show riders who are just slightly behind the vertical – so their ribs are behind their seatbones – and also lovely, following, with the horses. Not something I ever would have noticed before, but something for me to remember as I am trying to learn to have an “adhesive seat.”

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