7 comments on “The Hamburg Derby

  1. Terri, thanks…. you made us feel like we were there… I can’t believe that huge red vertical…one rail lined up with the stands…. YIKES…

  2. Great post! There is not enough written about the Hamburg Derby in English – I don’t understand why! This is an epic event that deserves international coverage. Thank you!

    • Alli – part of me agrees with you, and part of me wants to be on the kind of horse that could do that!
      Gail – when I see an atmosphere like this one, it boggles my mind how brave horses can be for us.
      JNG – thanks! I don’t understand much German, and because there isn’t much English language press about the Derby I didn’t have any idea what I was about to see until I looked out over the course on Sunday. There were about 20k spectators on the grounds, and the Derby is televised live throughout Germany. But even researching the history of the Derby there is very little written in English about it. If you have someone who can translate (or even if you don’t) this is a cool video that has some great historic Derby footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6egaRI1Fsj8

  3. Reblogged this on Back to the Barn and commented:
    First of all, we should attend this event someday as spectators. Second of all, how fricking cool would it be to ride this course? And to have a horse with the heart to tackle it?

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  5. What a wonderfully-written article – makes you feel like you’re there! I have watched some video of the Derby, and it truly is unreal. I don’t know how anybody gets around it at ALL, never mind with a few faults. If I was a horse I’d be thinking, “NOT TODAY, thankyouverymuch!” Can’t blame ’em for going under the RR Crossing, either – that’s hilarious and totally understandable.

    I think I’ll go watch some more video now…

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