7 comments on “Whistlejacket

  1. I saw Whistlejacket in Baltimore, MD a few years ago during a travelling show and had the same reaction, tears welled up in my eyes. I get to see it every day too, I have a large framed print in my living room. Had The Horse Fair poster in my room as a kid and was also blown away when I finaly saw that in person.

  2. In my first and only oil paint class, we were required to try to copy a master’s painting. I chose Whistlejacket. My instructor didn’t like that choice. I told her that Stubbs was indeed a master and that this painting counted as much as any other. I still have my poor rendition of it somewhere.

  3. Oh, yes, Cristy, there was something about horses versus the art teachers that taught our generation! I went to art school in NY City, so for years I thought it was just the locale, but since then I’ve heard similar stories from artists from all over. My favorite exchange was with a teacher at SVA who suggested that I paint while riding. I thought it was an interesting idea, but told him that the turpentine might slosh a bit.

  4. Magnificent!!! I’m not an artist and I’d never heard of George Stubbs. Thank you for the introduction. Now I need to go find an image of The Horse Fair.

  5. Enjoyed the post, Terri! I, too, am a lifelong Whistlejacket adorer. I was able to see the Stubbs exhibit in Baltimore a few years back, and cried when I saw Whistlejacket after all these years. I went to the exhibit 2 days in a row! And anytime I can talk about George Stubbs and let people know what a master painter he was, it makes my day.

    This is my first visit to your blog, so the synchronicity of Whistlejacket being the first thing I saw there is pretty cool. Thanks.

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