2 comments on “Breaking a Dressage Commandment

  1. I feel for you! As much planning that goes into these large events, it is so hard for the organizers to work out the actual logistics that make the event go smoothly for both sides. Hang in there. I, too, feel disappointed that I made my accomodation reservations well in advance only to find more cost effective opportunities exist now. Equally disappointed are my friends who WANTED to attend and tried to make plans 9-12 months ago and only found expensive rooms, expensive tickets and gave up…so WEG will not have them in attendance, even though at this last minute,it is “affordable”

  2. I had planned to see the horses from a front view, only to find when I arrived on Monday that it was going to be the opposite! From the time I made the early ticket purchase the orientation of the arena somehow mysteriously rotated 180 degrees from what was presented on Ticketmaster’s website. And then all those things written above followed. Very disquieting indeed

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