13 comments on “New dressage jacket colors

  1. have to admit….I’m not enthused…at the Exquis in Wellingtonthere was a rider with a light greyish or silverish {can’t remeber….only remeber watching the coat going down the centerline!} coat….totally distracting..Hope the FEI is thinking this through….judges and spectators should be watching the horse, not the fashion choice…Leslie

  2. Halfpass, I liked the color of that jacket but not the fabric, which was a bit too shiny and a bit too … drapey. But hey, it’s an evolution. And frankly, if wearing a dark brown or blue coat instead of black draws all the attention away from your horse, maybe you’re not riding your horse up to par!

  3. Too true…a warning to we amateurs to make sure our riding is good enough!!! LOL! That said, her ride was good but the jacket did grab my attention away from the ride! Makes me wonder if all the riders were in different colors/ or styles, would we all spend the first minute buzzing in the stands. Would we be saying, “oh i like that jacket on this one as opposed to the third rider….”

    I dunno….think uniformity for the most part would be better…

  4. It must be the artist in me: I think that uniformity for the most part is pretty boring! 😀

    Having watched some of the “hunter hack” classes in England and New Zealand, in which the riders wear jackets in a color range similar to what is now allowed in dressage, I found the tasteful use of color an enhancement, not a distraction.

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  6. I’m excited about the change. I have a copper chestnut and I can’t wait to get a dark brown shadbelly with burnt ochre points. Of course, I have to make it to PSG first. Three more levels to go!

  7. From a Technical Delegate or Steward point of view, the color rule is virtually not enforceable. It is difficult enough to prove a case in a hearing, now we will have to show the color was not legal using a complicated formula. If a rider is eliminated because of the color of their coat, how will you defend your self when you are charged? How will you defend your self when a rider with money and their attorney takes you to civil court? If a rider chooses a color that distracts from their ride or looks like they are trying out for a TV reality show, they will the ones to pay the price, in the end attire will be self limiting.

  8. Hunter riders have always had several color options, and for the most part, they have been tastefully done. However, some people will always push the envelope, adding unnecessary bling and garish color combinations. I don’t think their questionable taste will detract from anyone else’s ride, so let them do what they want! It might be amusing to see how far they will go…”dark” turquoise jacket, eggplant purple breeches, burnt orange boots, forest green shirt, with lovely matching burgundy gloves and hat! 🙂

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