3 comments on “Masters Freestyle Night

  1. Great Photos…so glad I was there! My trainer and i were at the warmup for the second half….would have loved to have seen photos from there….Isabel did a few trot extensions and transitions that were jaw dropping….

  2. Hey Terri, Love your blog. I’m working on a project and am admittedly ignorant when it comes to dressage. Are there multiple ‘events’ in dressage? Anyway, I am looking for moving (emotionally, not necessarily kinetically) pictures of dressage. I’m not very sure how this project will pan out, but I assure you that you will be credited and hopefully compensated. Right now, I’m just trying to find the right photos that fit the project. I’m working on all equine events and I definitely want some from dressage. Thanks in advance, James

    • If by events you mean different classes, then yes, dressage has many levels, starting at Training Level, which requires basic walk trot and canter, culminating in the Grand Prix, which is the highest level of competitive dressage. Even at Grand Prix, there are different tests: in international competition, the Grand Prix class is held first (in the Olympics, this test decides the Team medals); after than is the Grand Prix Special, in which the same movements are done in a more compressed, therefore more difficult pattern; and the Freestyle, in which horse and rider perform the required movements in their own choreography to music of their choice. For more in-depth information, go to http://www.usdf.org/about/about-dressage/ .

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