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  1. Terri,

    Thank you for posting your thoughts about Susan. I am very sad about her passing and grateful for having known her. She was an amazing person.

  2. Terri, your posting about Susan is so touching. I never knew her or met her, but I grew up a horse crazy kid, drooling over her photographs in Practical Horseman, among many others. What a terrible loss.

  3. I met Susan in Warrenton and we were instant friends. I’m sure lots of people can honestly say that about Susan. She was always ready for anything in the best possible way. When she left Warrenton I was excited for her to move closer to Stephanie but knew I would miss her and all we shared. I’m glad we got a few more chances to spend time together over those next years. My adventures mirror yours, Terri. Even silly glasses.

    God speed, my friend.

  4. A beautiful tribute – thank you Terri. I am so, so sorry for your loss. I didn’t know Susan well, but recognize the great loss her passing is to our community.

  5. A lovely tribute, Terri. I didn’t meet Susan in person, although I saw her working at various shows. She did portrait photography of a stallion I was commissioned to sculpt, and the owners put me in touch with her to get permission to use her photo as the pose. She was gracious, kind and generous to a budding sculptor (this was my first big commission). I loved her photography. She will be missed.

  6. I met both you and Susan in Arizona 2003, of course with horses present…such a magical bond to witness. Your relationship with Susan was one to be envied and one to be sorely missed…Thank you for sharing your memories, may they bring you strength in the days ahead.

  7. Susan is missed by so many. The calls started coming in today from friends around the country, sharing grief. Terri, thank you for a very moving tribute.

  8. I am touched by thoses words about Susan. I didn’t know her but the way you talk about her, it feels like I did. Sorry for your loss. You were lucky to have such a friend in your life.

  9. Terri what profound words and touching memories. I believe
    Susan is in Heaven photographing the white horses Olivera is training for the return of the saints. God Bless her

  10. Dear Terri, thank you for telling more about Susan to all of us who didn’t have an opportunity to meet her, but loved her work and were inspired with it. I am very sorry for your loss.

  11. What a wonderful tribute to Susan, Terri. The horse world has lost a fabulous person. Imagine the pictures she will be able to take now…

  12. Dear Terri, Thank you for the moving tribute to Susan. I remember when she brought you in the store to meet me after she moved to Warrenton. I so admired her artistic abilities and appreciated the friendship,conversatons and short trips we shared. We were great movie going companions. She joined my family at mother’s house for Thanksgiving one year. This Thanksgiving will be a day for the family to remember Susan.
    Marion Maggiolo, Warrenton, VA

  13. Beautiful….I cried when I read it…I suspect you must have cried when you wrote it….tears of both sadness and joy.

  14. Thanks so much for this wonderful tribute, I didnt know Susan personally but with our common interest in horses and photography always felt like part of the “family”. She will be missed greatly. My thoughts prayers and strength go out to all who were close to her and her family.

  15. Dear Terri,

    I don’t know where to begin…

    Thank YOU for being the bar my mother often measured herself against. Your own creative vision was a periodic topic of conversation between us and I like to think it inspired her to be a little more experimental as the years went by. Your tribute is touching, to say the least, and reaffirms my belief that she was a special woman, beyond what any son ordinarily thinks of his mother.

    Thank you, again.


    Ted Stresen-Reuter

  16. Thank you, Teri, for this most wonderful tribute to Susan. It’s so perfectly “her” in every sentiment you shared. And the photo is exactly the essence of Susan and her wonderful welcoming smile every single time she greeted you. I’m with you, I miss her already, so very much.

  17. Thank you Terri for your tribute. Thank you Susan for being you.
    I didn’t get to be with Susan as often as others who knew her but one thing is certain, she made a big impact on my life. I always connected with her sense of adventure and the enthusiasm she shared for her artwork as well as the artwork of others she inspired. Truly a labor of love. Everyone should be so lucky to live their passions. Our world has lost a special soul. A soul who’s spirit will live on with every life she touched.

  18. Terri, what a moving, beautiful, heart-felt tribute to a wonderful lady. You both are inspirations to me and I am so honored to think of you both as friendly acquaintances. Our friends are so cherished – you make us remember to tell them so while they can still hear us say it.

  19. Although I never had the honor of meeting Susan, her work has inspired me. And reading this beautiful, touching and loving tribute that you’ve written, I wish so much that I’d known the woman as well as the photographer.

  20. How lovely. I’m all teary too. I know you and her family and friends will miss her dearly. My hope is that her smile and great memories like these will serve to sooth your aching hearts during this time.
    Susan was no doubt one of the greatest Equine Photographers of our time and of times to come. What a loss for the equine world also.
    So many, like me, looked up to her in so many ways. I am honored just to have only really known her online and feel blessed for it also.

  21. Susan was our inspiration as well. When I read her story of motorhoming across the country with her kids during summer break I thought…”I’d like to do that some day.” We took up the camera in ’02 and started shooting horse shows. When our youngest left home in ’03 we sold the house, bought a motorhome and started doing our shows from there (digitally, of course!). This year we retired from the business, bought a new business, have a new home and are selling our motorhome. Ironic that it would be at the same time as Susan’s passing. SUSAN- my wife & I owe you a debt of gratitude. We have met so many wonderful people the last eight seasons. If it were not for your story, I dont know where we would be now, but certainly not as fulfilled as we are. Rest In Peace, my friend. -Steve & Candy Lasko-

  22. Terri, a beautiful tribute to a true pioneer in the world of equine photography. Your friend has passed on, but she will walk beside you in spirit every time you photograph or take a moment to reflect on those precious memories that are yours alone.

  23. Terri, I loved your tribute to Susan. Susan was a good friend of mine as well. We went to movies together and I visited her in Chicago and San Miguel de Allende. It is so hard to believe that she is gone! She was the same age I am. I loved her photographs, not only of horses, but people also. I will miss her. Charlotte

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