One comment on “What I learned on my summer vacation

  1. Hi Terri,
    Loved to read your blog on parenting, however I like to add that parenting is not rspecially for the yound and fit but for the ones that are able to be consistent for ages and to see things in perspective. I am a twin-mother myself and actually receiving twins hss been the best that ever happened to me! Aa a parent you immediately learn things you always knew but never had to be that consistent and resctricted in, like:
    -‘no’ will be ‘no’ for the next coming years and will never become ‘yes’. Just for your own sake and safety of the kids in the same time. Bad-natured? Children like reliablity and straightness, it’s very easy for them to cope with that.
    – Consistency in all other things will be the main issue for the next years, a great thing for yourself too.
    – planning activities with the kids is a mess until you find out that having no time limit and just a watchful eye and ear in regard to sleep, rest and cleaning turns out to become the best day ever with more time for yourself in between and nice activities you had ever dreamed of to do that day, which makes you and the kids totally happy.
    – watching them asleep after a tiring day brings out the best emotions deep in you, make yourself feel caring, protecting and caressing them without end. This must be the nature of becoming a mother, father or grandparent.

    Congratulations and enjoy!
    My twins, a boy and a girl, are 16 now and I still enjoy all easy and difficult times with them. This is what life is really about, no matter how important my work in between is…. To have the possibility to add a little something to new young adults still is the best I can think of.
    Once again: congratulations to have had the chance and cherish

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