13 comments on “A Tribute to Trip Harting

  1. thank you Terri for those kind words. Trip was my dearest friend and mentor. He rode my horse, Ari aka “Baby” and trained me as close to daily as his schedule would permit. We had so much fun these past few years. He was surrounded by love with our small group of friends these last few days. Donations would be appreciated to provide for the medical expenses and care of his beloved dogs. Lori Lauver swb4lori@sbcglobal.net

  2. Terri,
    I can so clearly envision the scenario that you have described of Trip coaching the timid Pony Club riders into the water jump. He had a special gift for teaching kids and his steadfast commitment to the United States Pony Club should be commended. My very first assignment as a USEF dressage judge was an invitation from Trip to judge the USPC championships many years ago. Since that time I have been very lucky to have officiated at many competitons where Trip was also judging. I can’t help but to smile when recalling all of the fun times that we all experienced when Trip was present. He was so fully engaged in life. One of my cherished memories of Trip was a few years back when we were driving around a small Georgia town after completing a day of judging and Trip looked over at me and said “Let’s go get a pedicure!”. We couldn’t find an open salon so instead we settled for antique shopping.

    Thank YOU very much, Trip, for your kind, gentle heart. I’m missing you.

    Elizabeth Kane
    Atlanta, Georgia

  3. Thanks Terri for sharing. Trip was our coach for the British Columbia Three Day Young riders back in the 80s and I trained with him for many years in Hidden Hills, CA. I had hoped to see him when he was in DC last month… he was loved and will be missed!

    Debbie Pomeroy Reckmeyer
    Previously LA/ now Northern Virginia

  4. I have had the privelidge of being Trip’s photographer for the last 5 years. Our last photo session was with him and “his girls,” (his dogs) in May 2008. Photos from our last session can be found at Images.TimCourtneyPhotography.com

  5. Terri – and his friends –
    I’m SO sorry to hear that he is no longer here. He judged at Saratoga one of the years we videoed – and I and a couple of my assistants who videoed at his ring were SO impressed by his kind, positive, thoughtful attitude. I can only imagine what amazing feats he drew out of his students (human and equine).
    Carol Lynn Coronios, As You Like It Productions
    Chatham, NY

    My name is Jack, and I lived with Trip in Hawaii from 1974 through 1976, then we moved to L.A. Trip was hosting a show at the stable in Koko Head Crater. I was attending to other things (sorry horse people – but watching paint dry comes to mind) I was giving Trips dog, Ginger, a white Shepherd, her weekly flea bath. A friend had told me that a little Blueing, would erase some of the yellow that occurs in the breed. Just when I had put the blueing on the dog, Trip started talking over the loudspeaker. Ginger, took off like a shot and proudly paraded through the ring in her new turqoise color. Trip remedied the situation with his natural charm and humor. We all had a good laugh. I will miss him the rest of my days. I will be at the memorial.

  7. I hope this is not the Trip i´ve been trying to find for years. But unfortionatly i think it is and if so I want everyone to know I´ve been thinking about the great times I had at San Marcos Equestrian center during 1989 -1990.
    I remember how proud you were over having a chestnut Swedish warmblod in the barn. I didn´t care so much at that time. In Sweden they were living in every stable. But trust me, I have thought about it a lot now that I´m older.
    Can someone please let me know if I found the right Trip or if i should keep looking.
    With love from Maria “Mimmi” Aspegren (Sweden)

  8. i have known trip since the seventies, he used to come to my backyard to give me private lessons on my mare allegra. I kept in touch with him over the years, catching him at shows judging and emailing or iming with him over the years, even when imoved to kentucky i would meet him at the horse park when he judged the shows here for pony club. I had been iming and emailing with him just before he died, he never mentioned that he was sick. that is so like trip, I had been on the reservation list for apuppy from Ghost when he emailed saying he was not going to breed her this year due to the economy. Sad to know he didnt tell me he was sick and that he wouldnt be around to care for a litter of puppies. im so anguished, i will miss him. he was a great human, kind, sweet and thoughtful, a great teacher and always willing to give advice. god bless him

  9. Thank you so much for sharing with us of such a wonderful man and blessed friend of mine, Trip Harting. Trip was an amazing person who cared for all he met, human and animal. I was very blessed to have Trip in my life, and enjoyed every moment of it. I will always love and miss him.

  10. I knew Trip when I was 15 years old at the Potomac Horse Center, and from Koko Head Stables in Hawaii in the early 70s, where I was one of his “horsemasters” LOL, and in Los Angeles, in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I will miss him and am sorry I never saw him later, when he was giving back in other ways than to the equestrian world. I saw him at his best and during other times. He was human and for many years he was my friend. It is nice to know that he touched so many. It is good to know that his friend Jack, who I knew, is still well and also found this spot to talk about Trip.

  11. I thought of Trip this evening and started looking for him online. Sadly this is not what I expected to find. I met Trip through my beloved friend, Steven Kirk, who died in 1996. Trip was Steven’s partner and loving caregiver to the end. Trip was kind and generous of spirit – a lover of all things equestrian and HUGE, beautiful white German Shepards. I didn’t know him well, except that we had a bond and deep love for our mutual friend. Trip had a wicked sense of humor that I will miss…

  12. I am so thankful for the wonderful friends that still think of and remember Trip. I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t think of him. Trip and I would e-mailed one another from Jan. to Aug.17, 2008, at least once a day and more often two to three times a day. I miss that so much. He shared alot of his life with me, and I with him.
    Trip did so much for so many in the time he was here. He was always there to listen and offer his help, or if nothing else, he offered hope. Trip had a gentleness about him that was always caring, and you felt that he really cared.
    Trip knew about so many different things and about living.I never knew Trip to give up on anything or anyone.
    Trip was one of a kind, and I am blessed our paths crossed in life. He is forever in my heart in death.

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