One comment on “Olympic Trials, Week 2: The dressage team is chosen

  1. Terri,

    Your insights on the Olympic Dressage Selection Finals are funny and revealing (and in the case of the vanishing vantage points, disturbing!). Made me feel like I was able to attend (which unfortunately I could not). The Brentina belly-fat anecdote is priceless! With horse sport getting so little play in the mainstream press, let’s hope show organizers will be smart enough to ALWAYS ensure people as talented as yourself have a berth from which to gather their observations and spread the word of this amazing sport.

    It’s sad that horse show management in general seems to do little to attract audiences on an ongoing, year-round basis. Perhaps if they did they’d be better equipped to handle the crowds on those rare occasions when they do show up.

    Thank you for catching this lightning in a bottle — your photos and text are a wonderful record of a brilliant flash in time! I sincerely hope you will be attending the Olympics!

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