3 comments on “Dressage Uniform: Time for a change?

  1. I’ve always thought there should be a change of attire to accommodate the seasons. My mother, a NYC girl, had both winter and summer suits. So there’s really no excuse for the horse world to look into some of the great ‘light’ fabric choices offered today for fresh comfortable styles. From my vantage point during week 1, the riders struggled in the blistering heat. I grew up in Florida and am no stranger to warmer weather but even I dressed more for the weather than for the show. 😉 Form follows function folks … it’s the right choice.

    On that note, I feel there needs to be several changes made in the world of horse sports and management in general but I will let my alter ego, Miz Biz of Horsestock.biz note that on her blog.

    Be seeing you at the Freestyle!

  2. There should be newly designed formal attire for ladies to wear in dressage. They look too butch in top hat and tails. A lady dressage rider should dress like Emma Peel or Shania Twain

  3. Being an athlete of a completely different sport but also a history major, I totally understand the tradition of the dressage dress. However, there is a blooming market that researches the biomechanics of sport. So much effort could be going into athletic gear that improves performance, and wool jackets in heat definitely do not. On the other hand, wool is actually one of the best garments for all-weather activities. Wool wicks away moisture and dries much faster than fabrics like cotton. I just feel like so many improvements could be made to the design and fit of the uniform without losing out on the look or style that holds true to tradition. Nike makes outstanding khaki pants for golf that one would never know are different from classic dockers without touching them.

    My sister rides dressage and I wish I could buy her something amazing for competition that I knew would actually be comfortable to play in.

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