4 comments on “Dog meets photo

  1. One of these days I’ll get to meet Tinto the Terri-er. A picture of him on his very own blog would be a super idea. I know he’d love that.

    And speaking of doggie pictures, what does he do when he sees a picture of himself? Same thing?

  2. For photos of Tinto, scroll down a little further, or click on the category, “Tinto The Terrier” to see all his posts.
    I don’t think Tinto’s ever seen a life-size photo of himself. But once in a while he admires himself in the mirrored closet door!

  3. Tiggy, ( purebred mutt) caught her reflection in a motorcycle helmet visor last week, and was absolutely beside herself over it. She ran over to me and made me go look at it several times. At first I thought there was a bug or something alive scurrying around, but after a few moments I realized she was concerned with the “little puppy” that was stuck inside the helmet. When I flipped the visor up ,I was in big trouble for making it disappear.

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